Dogana via Valtellina Milano

In 1956, Guido Malaterra started his career as customs agent and international carrier, in his office in the historical customs building in Valtellina street in Milan.
In those years the ECSC, the EFTA, and the European Economic Community were created. National States were defining multilateral agreements and common rules, which could facilitate goods exchanges and circulation. The aim was to support the european economy, still prostrated by the war.
In March 1957, this common will, was made concrete by the Treaty of Rome, which constituted the EEC, a regional organisation which aimed to bring about economic integration among its member states, by breaking down customs barriers.

Latasped history

From the very beginning Guido Malaterra, understood the urgence to keep up with those big changes. He set up a structured system to track any change in the economic and regulatory sphere, so that he could provide his customers with high professional assistance, time savings and – when possible – money savings.
In 2010, Flavio Malaterra, following his father’s steps, founded CAD GB, a customs agency, to simplify customs dossiers and to ease paperworks with Public Administration, for all companies dealing with international trade.
During the years Malaterra’s company constantly developped, offering customers both customs assistance and logistics services, including shipping support, warehouse management, ability to manage dengerous and restricted goods.
This was the reason why in July 20196, having purchased the historic customs operator Latasped, Malaterra founded Cad Latasped, whose main goal was to ease and facilitate any import and export burocratical paperwork.
After four years, CAD Latsped is now incorporated in GM International, whixh operates in international shipping, local distribution and advanced logistics. Therefore from 1st December CAD Latasped becomes Latasped – A Business Unit of GM International, offering its customers the opportunity to enjoy more competences and certifications and a full range of high quality services